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The Roxburgh Project


The Project Team

2023-08-17_NDL headshot.jpg
Dr. Nilina Deb Lal

Programme Director

Dr. Nilina Deb Lal, Programme Director, is an independent researcher and conservation architect, with particular knowledge of the heritage sector in Bengal.

Sue Whittle_edited.jpg
Sue Whittle

Conservation Architect, Simpson & Brown


Simpson & Brown are leading experts in historic buildings with over 40 years of experience working with some of the United Kingdom’s most significant built heritage.

Ashish Sharan Lal

Architect, Alleya and Associates


Alleya and Associates has varied experience in rehabilitation of heritage structures,
sustainable construction methodologies, interiors, museums, exhibit and graphic design. 

Dr. James Simpson. OBE

Special Advisor


Dr. James Simpson, OBE, is a leading conservation practitioner in the UK and avid supporter of the burgeoning conservation climate in India.

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